The Catch

To be honest it was easy for me to jump at the opportunity to be full time at ReWork, the reality check came with the “raising my own support” catch to the job, as ReWork is currently unable to financially support any staff. But the simple answer is that God put me here and raising funds is the only way to stay so it’s just what I have to do, and it only makes sense that He will provide.

If you would like to partner with me financially you can give a tax-deductible donation via check or credit card. Please click the appropriate button or see the instructions for sending a check below.

to give a single gift via credit or debit card:


to give monthly donations via automatic billing to credit or debit card:


to give via check:

  1. Make checks payable to “rework project”

  2. write “allison eskew” in the memo line

  3. mail to:

    . ReWork Project
    . c/o Church Business Support
    . 12205 Waterside Trl
    . Austin,TX 78750

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