8/27/2014 E-mail Newsletter

ReWork Project

ReWork Project Update

Hi Everyone,

Lots to tell you! For starters, we’re in the same location only with a new appreciation for it and a much better layout in the making! As you might remember, back in December we tore out all our walls and got rid of anything we didn’t need in preparation to move. For the month of January our landlord was gracious enough to let us stay since we hadn’t yet found a new place. Then in February, our landlord and the other owner of our building decided they wanted to help us out and allowed me to name my price (have you ever even heard of that happening?!). So we got to stay in the same great location but with the opportunity for a fresh start rebuilding and remodeling things to be much better than before! And to think, God knew this would be the case all along… :)

We have a new online store!  Check out, buy, and share with your friends what our ReWorkers are currently building, here: reworkproject.storenvy.com

In ReWorker news, Shelley left us in February for a job at Whataburger and we could not have been more proud of her for pursuing that. I’ve been able to get coffee with her at least once a month since she left and she is only continuing to make improvements in her life and is pretty pumped about the six month raise she just got!

Paul joined us about two weeks ago and has already just about finished his first picnic table. Excited for him to be a part of the group.

Several months ago we started doing a weekly Bible study on Wednesday afternoons, usually led by Pastor Jacob Vanhorn. All our workers participate and it’s been a great time of getting to know God and each other more deeply.

I need your help, if anyone has connections with businesses or groups that might be interested in buying some of our products, please send them my way! Send them the link to our online store above, or have them get in touch with me at allison@reworkproject.org to talk more about it!

You should have received your gifts by now if you participated with $200 or more in our campaign last fall, or, support us monthly. Please let me know if I previously emailed you about your shirt size but you did not receive your shirt and other goods!

More to come! Until then, your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

Allison Eskew
Director at ReWork Project

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To Emily Hopkins and Sam Farries! For volunteering significant amounts of your time and energy each week for the past several months here at ReWork Project! Your help has been so crucial to us!

Check out our online store!



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