Meet Emily Hopkins!

(Originally posted 4/15/2014 on

by Allison Eskew, Director

ReWork Project swing - photo credit Dustin Bryson

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Age: 30

Occupation: Part time PreK English teacher at an international school.

Education: Bachelor’s in Communications Theatre from Mississippi College. Master’s in teaching Elementary Education from Belhaven University in Memphis.

ReWork Project Affiliation: As of last month, Emily has committed to volunteering 10+ hours/wk helping with administrative work, social media, and whatever needs done!

Emily moved to Austin just last December after visiting some friends here in the fall and later coming across a job opening. Upon landing the job (though only part time and less pay) she left Memphis where she owned a home, had a good job, good friends, and good community and found herself in Austin, Texas.

Once here she started asking and seeking out how to best get to know people and really be a part of community when she felt God clearly saying that the best way is by serving them. She’s never really been a ‘volunteer/service project type of girl’ but in growing closer to Jesus the past 3-4 years and being part of a church community that served her really well, she’s recognized her need and call to serve others.

Emily found out about ReWork Project through attending New City Church (ReWork’s parent organization) with her friends and met me somewhere in between the two. She said that more than ReWork specifically, she felt called to help me. Frankly just putting it that way was one of the most encouraging things I’d heard in a while. It feels good to have good help, and in serving and being around ReWork Project more she’s gained a better understanding of what it is and grown to love it as well. Having friends to love it with me lifts some of the weight in itself, but Emily is doing much more than that!

Emily’s responsibilities include keeping us current on all social media, helping me with administrative work, running errands, giving me pep talks, hanging out with our ReWorkers, and pretty much anything I ask her to do. Also look for her to be writing several of our upcoming blog posts! I’m so very excited to have her on board and have already felt improvement since she’s been around.

Emily’s heart is to serve and to help ReWork Project keep improving as a program. She lacks experience in many of the tasks she has taken on but showing up and being willing to learn and/or try anyway has proven to be more than enough. I’m beyond grateful for her hard work and heart to serve us here! Big thanks to Emily!







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