1/27/2014 E-mail Newsletter

ReWork Project

ReWork Project Update

Hi Everyone,

As you know, we found ourselves in a bind this past November that put us on a last minute quest for 40 grand and a place to go. Mid-November we started a campaign with longshot hopes of raising the money by the end of the year. Just to better prove His power I suppose, the majority of these funds were raised in the last 2 and 1/2 weeks and we reached the $40,000 mark on December 31st. Amazing. Praise God and thank you so much to everyone that joined with us in this!

On to the 2nd obstacle: a place to go. This one hasn’t panned out as quickly as the 1st but in the meantime we’ve been no less provided for. We originally planned to move the first week in January but for reasons out of our control, the deal at the new space fell through last minute. At that point, for the purpose of helping us out, our current landlord agreed to let us temporarily continue operating where we are at a discounted/affordable rate. This way we aren’t having to put our program on hold while we figure out the next move. Provision like that doesn’t just happen, folks, our God is a faithful God! We are still looking at prospective spaces and weighing our options. Please pray for us to find something suitable and affordable as quickly as possible!

Photo: Taking a quick break before some major demolition in our warehouse!

In ReWorker news, two weeks ago our friend Daniel acquired a steady job doing construction cleanup. Daniel had only been with us about four months but we’ve enjoyed having him and are super encouraged by his pursuit of self-betterment. He’s been in touch since and has promised to stop in and say hello in the future; we look forward to hearing how things go for him. That being said, we’ll be looking to fill the open spot as soon as things get settled again.

In regard to all of our ReWorkers, talk about great sports! They’ve been thoroughly involved in making this transition go smoothly. Not only have they put in the extra [unpaid] work, but they have adapted to every up, down, and unforeseen change I’ve thrown at them without complaint. I could not be more grateful for each of my friends here and could not imagine a better group to go through this with.

More to come! Until then, your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

Allison Eskew

Director, ReWork Project

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If you contributed to our campaign toward a swag bag (with shirt) or a block on our wall, be looking out for an e-mail from us in the next week to get your information!

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