11/23/2013 E-mail Newsletter

ReWork Project

Hello again friends, 

I’ll start by saying it’s my privilege to be the new Director here at ReWork Project, official now for just under a month. This of course did not come with a pay raise but I did get a few solid high fives so can’t really complain. Though initially I did feel slightly apprehensive toward taking on this responsibility, I very quickly became excited about it. The vision is so clear in my mind and I have all the energy in the world right now to move forward improving and growing our program. As I mentioned in my last update Austin Henderson, long time Director here, stepped back to part time in April. Since then I have been taking on more and more responsibilities and by God’s perfect plan and timing, currently feel very much up to the job. Austin is still helping out as a volunteer here for now and I enjoy every opportunity to boss him around. =)

I suppose to make things extra exciting for myself, I took on this position just after we realized a “predicament” was on the horizon. And that is why I need your help! Starting immediately we are on a quest for $40,000 by the end of 2013. You will find more information regarding our “predicament” on the campaign’s page HERE and of course send me whatever questions you may have.

But there’s more.. the real story is that we technically need more than $40,000 as I have not yet met my personal fundraising goal. For this I am seeking monthly contributions and since ReWork’s general fund must simultaneously reach its goal, I’m currently only seeking them from those of you on this list and others that I know personally. In other words, please consider this seriously as the list is short and there’s not a backup list to pick up the slack!

Thus far I have survived off of generous single gifts buying me time as my monthly contributions slowly increase. God has been faithful but especially in my new role what I’m looking for is financial stability and the freedom to spend all of my time on ReWork as a program rather than on personal fundraising. It’s essential for me to have this. Ultimately, both the ReWork general fund and my personal ReWork fund need to meet their goals and they need to be met soon! (All donations to either fund are tax deductible) So please help. This is totally and absolutely possible! Please partner with us, we need you we need you we need you! Here are some big and important ways you can help:

#1. Consider a monthly contribution of any amount to my personal salary fund,HERE’S HOW. If you’ve ever contemplated helping me in this way, there is really no better time! Please talk to me first if you have any questions or just to get more information. I will e-mail, call, or meet up with you if necessary, whatever it takes. (Turns out I love talking about my job anyway) Let me know if you’d like to set something up or go ahead and GIVE HERE.

#2. Please read our campaign and consider a contribution of the single or monthly variety to ReWork Project’s general fund!

#3. This is big: Please send this on to friends, family, or even businesses that you know of that may be open to giving. If you have any connection, experience, or just positive opinion regarding ReWork Project then make it more personal by writing a short paragraph of your own.

#4. If you haven’t yet, please go “LIKE” ReWork’s Facebook page. And from the right column of the page at the top, invite your Facebook friends to LIKE the page as well!

#5. Over the next six weeks, make a point to LIKE or SHARE any and all new posts or photos we add to our Facebook page. (There will also be some announcements!) The more LIKES each post has the more it will show up in people’s news feeds! So make your way over to our page every few days and hit the “like” button! This is not a joke; do it, do it, do it, please do it!

#6. ReWork Project’s Twitter account has not been very active lately but we’re bringing it back!! If you’re on Twitter, go ahead and CLICK HERE to follow us and then RE-TWEET EVERYTHING! =) =)

#7. Pray for God to stir hearts toward giving generously and for the provision of ReWork Project!

Due to time and resource constraints we are heavily relying on the internet and social media to get the word out. So it’s crucial that you help us with #’s 3-6 above!

CHECK OUT THE CAMPAIGN POST HERE!!! <——- You really, really should read this.

Most importantly, get excited about what’s going on at ReWork Project because your excitement will rub off on others! If you’re going to give, there’s no better time to sign up than RIGHT NOW! You’ll not only help a worthy cause but you’ll inspire others to do the same! It’s go time, folks!

Stay tuned and be checking our Facebook/Twitter for announcements about fundraising events coming up!

ReWork Project forever and ever,

Allison Eskew
Assistant Director ;)

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